The Reasons To Visit This Beautiful Little Island!

Are you trying to find a country to visit this summer? If you are bored with visiting the same vacation spots every year, or perhaps, want to find an obscure paradise to have all to yourself, you might want to look at the list of the least visited countries you should be totally visiting. And one of these is the little Polynesian country of Samoa! If you are wondering now where exactly that is (or worse yet, what it is), Samoa is a country comprised of two small islands and it is found in the Pacific Ocean, together with the many other Polynesian island clusters. The capital of the country is Apia, found in the more populous island (of the two) which goes by the name of Upolu. Samoan is the language of the country, but English is an official language and widely spoken, so you have nothing to fear about either. Interested? Here are then some wonderful reasons to see this beautiful country:

The lack of tourists – as was mentioned above, Samoa is one of the least visited locations on Earth, and for someone who wants to enjoy a relaxing vacation, this can be a perfect holiday destination. But do not interpret this wrongly: tourists tend to be few and far in between not because the country is difficult to visit, but simply because many do not know about it. Samoa is just a six-hour flight or so from its nearest big neighbours – Australia, New Zealand and the Hawaiian state.

The flora and fauna – as another Polynesian nation, the flora and fauna of Samoa certainly does not disappoint. You can find and rent Samoa villas located close to the natural hotspots if your main goal is to see the animals and the plants, or you can even stay at a resort and go trekking and hiking throughout the day to see the sights. One particular advantage here is the lack of pollution – everything is almost spotlessly clean, and you will be hard pressed to find trash in a forest or one of the country’s beaches. From the many turtle-viewing spots to the beautiful and pristine waterfalls of the beachfront hotels Samoa, there is a lot for the nature lover to enjoy.

The size of the country – and lastly, Samoa, as a country is quite small. This allows most tourists to see the country in its entirety in just a few weeks, and that is an experience you cannot find in most countries. As a tourist, one of the grievances many have is the fact that there is always too much to see and that they have neither the time nor the resources to see everything. If you are the type to feel a bit blue because of this, Samoa is a good place to see. In just a month, you can definitely see everything from one corner of Samoa to the other. And in even just a week, you can probably tour all of the main attractions with plenty of time to spare.